On site crematories, is it really a big deal?

2016 April 20 by

All funeral homes offer cremation, but not all of them have invested in their own private crematory retort.


Does having an on-site crematory make a difference?


ARN Funeral & Cremation Services built our brand new facility in Zionsville in 2009.  When planning this new site, we invested in a crematory retort under our roof because we believe it positively benefits our families on several different levels.


  1. Peace of mind.

Once your loved one is brought into our care, they remain here.  Our building is staffed 24 hours a day by one of our five employees.  At no time does your loved one leave our facility, eliminating any need for worry.  From the moment they are picked up by our staff, to the time the ashes are given to the family, your loved one remains under our watchful care in our one and only location.



Our cremation chamber; located inside our building



  1. Ability to witness the cremation.

When a funeral home has their own private crematory, as we do at ARN, family members may to be present during the cremation process.  Families are welcome to come and sit in our meditation room during the cremation.  The meditation room comfortably seats 4 people, has a viewing window and is directly adjacent to our crematory.  We encourage families to be as involved as they want to be in the cremation.



Our Meditation Room with Viewing Window




  1. Less Stress.

Since all of our operations are located in one facility, your family need only make a single phone call to reach us.  We are on-site 24 hours a day, every day.  We are a local, family owned business with 80 + years of experience.  You can trust that we will personally handle all of your arrangements.  We are a local company, invested in our community, and here to serve you.


ARN Funeral & Cremation Services is a family business.  With a small team of experts, we constantly keep the families we serve at the heart of what we do.  This makes investments like having our own private crematory an easy choice to make.  We think that kind of service makes a BIG difference, and we hope you do too!

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2016 April 8 by

In January of this year, the staff at ARN Funeral & Cremation Services

started a new community program called the


 Each week we go out into the community volunteering our time or expertise!

Since the implementation of this program,

we have canvassed Zionsville and Boone County with kindness!

As an example:  Zoe Norris, our Zionsville native intern,

has been volunteering at Zionsville Presbyterian Church helping in the Food Pantry.

At Zoe’s suggestion, ARN donated Easter candy to the pantry

to brighten the holiday for the participating families!

 Zoe has been working at ARN for the past 2 years.

She is a welcomed addition to our ARN family!

Zoe @ ZPC

For more information about the food pantry, visit zpc.org.

Great work, Zoe!!

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Relay for Life of Zionsville!

2016 April 6 by

A.R.N. Funeral & Cremation Services’ staff is always in the local community:

volunteering, networking, and making friends!  

This year, our staff is staying active and working toward

improving the lives of our community through outreach!

Our goal is to serve our friends and neighbors!



American Cancer Society Relay for Life in Zionsville!

The A.R.N. Funeral & Cremation Services staff

is raising awareness and funds by



Consider making a donation to our team:



Or, say hi when you see us

Friday, June 10th at 12 PM in Lions Park!


We love Zionsville!

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11 Tips for Handling the Holidays

2014 December 17 by

It is that holiday season again.  That means time with family and friends and celebrations of all kinds.  If your holiday table has an empty chair this year, it can feel more difficult than joyous.  Our friends at St. Vincent Hospital have come up with some tips to help you cope with your grief this time of year.


We hope you find comfort and peace this time of year and always.

St. Vincent Holiday Tips Edited

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